About Stellan Kim Kristiansson

Stellan Kristiansson is born 1972 in a small village close to Malmö in the south of Sweden. When growing up on the country side, close by the sea, he early created a strong relationship with the nature and especially the characteristic’s of Skåne – a wide and open landscape that´s often represented in his abstract landscape paintings.

Painting and graphic design have always been parts of Stellan’s life and profession. After years of working with graphic design and marketing, painting have become more and more important.

Word from the artist:

I deconstruct what I see and put it together again in the way I experience it with my ‘inner eye’. My greatest source of inspiration is the patterns and shapes I find in nature. I’m trying to decode the underlying and hidden symmetry. Where you at fist glance see disorder there is beauty witch I try to reflect in my work.

I simplify the object or landscape. I strip it of it’s attributes, leaving a shape, colour or texture that is easier to connect with.

A simplified object or landscape incites the observer to complete the image. That forces him/her to invest his/her own emotions into the artwork. This creates a subjective bond between my artwork and the observer.

The observer has another experience of my artworks than mine. This inspires me and makes me curious. What’s the story between my artwork and you? Where does my artwork take you?

Thanks to my synaesthesia, I experience the world a bit differently. Landscape, sounds, smells, words or emotions become shapes, colours and textures for my ‘inner eye’ – allowing me to add an extra dimension to my paintings.

When growing up, I realized that my way of experiencing the world was a bit different, but shared with many others with synaesthesia. This has shaped my professional career, and turned me to work with graphic design and art.

/Stellan Kristiansson 2020



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