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100% money back guarantee!

Buying art online is about trust. If you are a new collector of my work you might doubt investing in my art without having seen my paintings in real life. Im putting hard work in making the images look as the original work and can send you additional videos/images. Though – if you are not satisfied with the painting you can return it to me. If the painting is returned in original quality you will get a full return of your money. I will of course  also cover the shipping cost. This return policy only applies only if you let me know latest 3 days after delivery.

This said – none of my collectors have ever been disappointed or returned a painting :).

Commission work (Beställningar)

I do a lot of commission work for customers with special requirements on size or color scheme. To keep my artistic freedom you don’t have to buy the end result if you are not satisfied with how the direction the artwork has taken during my process. That said… all former customers have been very happy with the result. Write to me at for more information on my commission process.

How to buy my artwork

If you want to buy a painting, simply contact me and I’ll send it to you with UPS or you can pick it up at my studio in Malmö, Sweden. You will find available paintings under the ‘For sale‘ category in my gallery.

Payment method

  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Paypal Invoice (International customers)
  • Invoice (Scandinavian customers)
  • Swish (Sweden only)


The paintings are shipped world wide with UPS  (or picked up at the studio) and can be in your home within a couple of days. Due to current Covid-19 the prices varies a lot but within Scandinavia its about 100 usd, Europe 150 USD and Dubai/US about 200 usd. The paintings are packed professional and with care. Let me know where you want the painting shipped and I will give you an exact current price.

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